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  1. Family Law Case Update – October 2019

    Gardner v. Gardner, 2019 UT 61 Supreme Court of Utah Attorneys: Robert W. Hughes, Julie J. Nelson, Erin B. Hull, Jill L. Coil, Luke A.…

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  3. Family Case Law Update

    This case law update has a significant amount of information about many family law subjects such as custody, protective orders, alimony, and attorney fees.

  4. Family Case Law Update

    This case law update includes information about protective order violations, accumulated interest on premarital property, and several termination issues. Enjoy!

  5. Uncontested Divorce

    An Uncontested Divorce Can be Efficient and Cost Effective A divorce should not be an endless battle. We pride ourselves on helping clients find solutions;…

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  6. Family Case Law Update

    The court has focused on the right to counsel in private termination cases and has also given helpful clarifications around protective orders and stalking injunctions.…

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  7. Is There an Easier Way?

    Before I dive into my next case law summary blog, I’d like to take a step back and offer some basic advice for anyone going through…

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  8. Family Case Law Update

    This case law update has a summary of all of the family law decisions from the Utah Supreme Court and the Utah Court of Appeals…

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  9. Transgender Parents’ Rights

    The ACLU and the National Center for Transgender Equality have prepared a great report that helps transgender parents and practitioners understand the rights available to…

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  10. Family Case Law Update

    The case law update gives important information on relocation, custody, civil procedure, attorney fees, and retirement. Enjoy!